Discover How You Could Lose Body Fat In As Little As 7 Days From Today With The Right Training Program, And The Right Meal Plan, All Without Having To Diet Painfully, Or Do Endless Hours Of Cardio…
If You’ve Tried Everything Out There To Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Masse, Having To Do Hours Of Cardio, Or Go On Excruciatingly Painful Diets, All In The Name Of Getting That Summer Body Then Read Every Word Below…
It wasn’t that long ago that I was taking nutrition advice from every and anybody. 

I’m not fat but I haven’t been “Ripped” ever and I always found no matter what I did I could never reach that level of great looking.

You know that look, the one that makes fitness models look like nothing, but doing it in a completely natural way. Not to mention, having the girls completely come to you and leave with you because you look so good.

As I love pizza and all the fun foods, I got to a point where I took all my journals and compiled them into the perfect fat loss program just for me.
I looked at my body and measured when I lost weight, 
what I ate, and how much weight I came down…  
(Surprisingly, I still lost weight when I had some pizza!)
Believe it or not, most of the information out there about losing weight isn’t geared for guys like you and I. It’s geared for people who can have mass discipline and don’t want to really enjoy life.

Look, you could be happy eating a salad if you want, but I prefer to enjoy every meal I have.

I’m going to share with you how I lost body fat & some weight in 7 days without starving myself and eating rabbit food…

Before I do that, let me introduce myself…
Dear Future Ripped Hulking Man,
My name’s James and I’m about to share with you exactly how I went from being a husky guy to a ripped demigod in only a few weeks while shedding weight and fat like it was a second skin.

Now, before I jump into that I really want you to know where I was coming from.

You see, 5 years ago I was the guy who looked amazing, like truly had a body that looked like it was cut from marble.
I went from pudgy to shredded!
Then one day I stopped training, put on the pounds and next thing I know I’ve walking around at 250 lbs of unwanted fat.
I felt lazy, isolated from the world, and would NEVER even consider taking off my shirt in public (this, from the guy who used to walk around in tight tops because women would gravitate to me)…

Now, after 3 years of feeling like this, I tried to get back in shape. Every time I tried, I’d fail because I could never get to the point where I was ripped.

I just looked healthy and strong but a little flabby or pudgy.

At this time I was still dealing with feelings of having low self-esteem and wondering if what I was doing was even right.

So this lead me down to really start looking and testing with different things like my nutrition.

While I did this, the results were shocking.
I found that my body was retaining a lot of water while I was following all the other diet plans.

Now, I had a choice, keep following what the “experts” said or experiment and actually get results.

I took everything I knew and within 30 days I started cutting out the excess water (7 days), started to build lean, powerful muscle (18 days in), and was eating what I felt was right - including pizza because pizza is awesome!

Every excuse I had about not training or eating, well that went out the window.
Within that 30 day period, I was in the gym only so I could get my work in and leave.

But while I was there, guys and girls alike were coming up to me and asking what supplements I was taking, if I was on anything, etc.

Though 100% natural, my spot partner, Jeff, asked me what my secret was.
So I shared with him how I was using a meal plan that worked for me with the right workouts that were giving me amazing results.

He thought I was bluffing, so I challenged him…

45 days (he was a little more out of shape) and I’ll get him to have similar results.

20 days past and Jeff was already telling people about how I was getting him results.
This is Jeff Now
Before I knew it, the entire gym was coming to me for workout tips.

It got so bad that I had to start training on my own, early in the morning when hardly anyone was there.
The best part about all of this? Not only was I super ripped without killing myself at the gym... but my confidence skyrocketed and hot girls started to notice!
I went from being un-noticed by girls, to being a "sex object"... 

I honestly couldn't believe it! 

My Tinder profile was getting responses from girls who just wanted a booty call - all because I had a couple pictures of my 6-pack.

Check out some of these Tinder messages I received...
when I went out, my guy friends would get pissed at me because women would just gravitate to me.

Hell going to get a drink from the bar resulted in a 30-40 minute conversation and a date.

Even bartenders were asking me for tips on how they could look as good as me.

So I decided I was going to share my results with more than just my crowd.
Introducing the BroScience 
Ultimate Weight Loss, Muscle Building System…
Inside this program I’m going to walk you through everything you could imagine in terms of how to go from where you are today, a pizza loving, diet hating man, to a mound of hulking muscle that was cut from marble in just 5 weeks.

This program is broken down to give you results and you’ll know you’re on the right path as each week you’ll feel a little stronger, see yourself get slimmer, while building muscle WITHOUT the fat.

Every part of the program is engineered to give you the best results possible. Yes you will need to do a little cardio (not much as I HATE cardio), where to get started, and how you can still eat your favorite foods!

Now, this program is split into two parts.
The food and the work outs.
Inside the meal plans you’ll uncover:
  • The Proven nutrition program that shows how to lose fat, and build muscle at the same time!
  • How much protein/carbs/and fat to consume each day on training/rest days (and when to eat them so you don’t get hungry as fuck!)
  • The best food sources for macro nutrition.
  • When to eat each macro nutrient and in what form
  • How to still eat your favorite foods and NOT lose your body.
  • The cost effective way of eating
  • And so much more.
Each part of it is designed to give you the most nutrients for your muscles to recover and grow, all while losing fat and feeling great.
While your body is losing weight. You’re going to need the workout program, and inside that I’m going to reveal:
  • How to get shredded without putting on fat.
  • How to use the best compound exercises to massively improve your performance and look without sacrificing your foods.
  • How to build muscle WITHOUT fat.
  • Why doing too much cardio is bad for you!
  • And so much more.
Each week you do this you’ll feel growth.
This is a breakdown of what you’re going to experience with this program. 
Week 1: Feeling a little hungry and sore from the workouts, but getting pumped up and starting to feel good closer to the end of the week. Losing water weight, eating right, recovering quicker, and noticing yourself get slimmer.
Week 2: Seeing yourself lose more fat and getting results at a faster pace. Getting easier, and your muscles are getting stronger.
Week 3 - onwards: Seeing results, not just stronger but physically bigger too. Finding yourself getting more attention, body getting stronger, slimming down and seeing your muscle definition.
Finding that you’ve lost around 10 lbs of fat by the 5th week.

Do NOT be surprised when people start giving you compliments, women start checking you out more, and rather than you having to buy women drinks, they send them over to you.

This is what I'm talking about!!

"I'm so pumped! Thank you so much for this system guys... I can't believe how much my body has changed in just a few weeks. This is what I'm talking about!! I'm definitely going to recommend this to all of my friends!" -Michah S.

This is just awesome.

"Hey team Bro Science,

This is just awesome. I just got my system and I'm blown away with the detail. I can't wait to get started and hit my goals! BOOM!" -Rodrigo P.
What’s the investment for the Ultimate Weight Loss, Muscle Building System?
It’s a 1 time payment of $47.
That’s right, for only $47 I’m going to give you complete and instant access to the Ultimate Weight Loss, Muscle Building System.

Why $47?

Because I want to make sure that every guy out there who was like me, who had tried almost everything, and felt like his genetics, life, diet, or whatever meant he’d never be able to get into the best shape of his life, shift that stubborn weight and wonder if he’s good enough to be hot!

Well this is for you.

I made sure that I offer this so it’s affordable to every guy out there who’s working toward that goal, as it’s not about the money to me, it’s about giving you chance to get the body you deserve without breaking the bank!

Here’s what you do to get started right now…
First click the order button below where you’ll be sent to our secure checkout page where all you have to do is enter your regular details, and complete your investment in yourself.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be sent access to the BroScience Ultimate Weight Loss, Muscle Building System.
You’re covered by my 60 day money back guarantee…
If, for whatever reason, you’re not seeing ANY gains what-so-ever, and don’t feel like this is the single greatest investment in your training and physique then I don’t want your money. All you have to do is send me an email to and I’ll refund you within 24-48 hours.

And we’ll even part as friends.
My question isn’t when are you ready to get started, it’s how committed are you to stop being “that guy” who could’ve had an amazing body, and start being the guy who gets REAL results and follows a proven system.

Click the order button below and start your journey into being the hot hunk that all the girls come to, all the guys don’t DARE fuck with, all while barely spending a ton of time in the gym!
I look forward to seeing your transformation and hearing about how this is the best investment you’ve ever made.

Here’s to your journey,

P.S. If you’re NOT tired of wondering why women don’t gravitate around you, despite how much more muscled you look than those guys who look like twigs, and like spending hours upon hours in the gym, then pass this by.

But if you want to look good, feel good, and have a more amazing life, all without breaking the bank, then go ahead and make the commitment to yourself by using the BroScience Ultimate Weight Loss, Muscle Building System today.
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